How to Determine Your Rashguard Size

1. Measure chest width

Pick up a well-fitting rashguard and measure the distance between the armpits (where the sleeve and torso seams meet).

2. Insert the chest width into the size calculator

Put the chest width into the size calculator to get a size recommendation for your Vengeance MMA Rashguards.

Size Calculator

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Size Chart

Chest width and length for Vengeance MMA long-sleeve Rashguards (size chart)
SizeChest width (W)Length (L)
S45 cm70 cm
M48 cm72 cm
L52 cm74 cm
XL56 cm76 cm
2XL60 cm78 cm
3XL64 cm80 cm

If you can’t find an appropriate size, please fill out the form above and give us feedback. The sizes with the most requests will be available first.